Efficiency and added value


By using the latest information technology, we handle the regular bookkeeping and payroll of your business ventures in Germany. Of course we will periodically inform you on the current financial performance in the language, format and frequency defined by your needs.

We also compile mandatory annual financial statements and any voluntary interim financial statements, regardless whether we handle your regular bookkeeping or not. Your personal goals define the way and possible valuation choices are exercised in accordance with the German tax and commercial laws. We will also gladly assist you in the application of international standards (such as IFRS or US-GAAP).

But our service concept goes even further: For instance, when compiling the financial statements of your German business, we also consider any international group accounting policies you might have set. Therefore, the differences between the local statutory accounts and the intragroup reporting can be minimized.

Key services

  • Financial accounting and statutory bookkeeping
  • Payroll accounting and social security reporting
  • Reconciliation from statutory GAAP to US-GAAP or IFRS
  • Preparation of group financial reports for controlling and consolidation
  • Compilation of financial statements under German GAAP or US-GAAP/IFRS
  • Digital bookkeeping repository